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Elizabeth Grey
Basic Information
Name Elizabeth Grey
Age Unknown
Nickname Lizzie (Thomas)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Sam Grey (Son)
Relationships Thomas Grey (Husband)

Season 1[]

Ep01: Pilot

We first see Elizabeth Grey at the funeral of her husband Thomas Grey. She asks his therapist, Karen Kim to sit with her and her son Sam Grey for the service. Later, when having a conversation with Karen, she tells her that Sam was angry because he she told him that Thomas was alone when he died. The truth, however, was that Elizabeth was with him and she was the one who injected him with the lethal dose of morphine to end his pain. She thanked Karen for giving him the drugs. Later, she is talking to Savannah "Savi" Davis about Thomas. It seems that the insurance company won't give Elizabeth her husband's money unless he died from natural causes and, because she refused an autopsy to be done, they claim it is suspicious. Savi works at the law firm that is running the case, which was founded by Thomas.

Ep02: The Morning After
Elizabeth talks to Savi about what to do with the authorities looking into Thomas' death.