Miranda Nickleby
Basic Information

Name Miranda Nickleby
Age 35
Nickname None
Hair color Dirty Blonde
Eye color Blue
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Scottie (Son)
Relationships Paul Malloy † (Lover)

Season 1Edit

Ep01: Pilot

Miranda Nickleby lives in a hotel room with her son. April Malloy comes to her hotel, claiming that she has been receiving hang-up calls from her room. Miranda blames it on her son and apologizes. Later, Miranda shows up at April's house, saying that it was her who was making the calls and hanging up without speaking because she was scared to talk to her. She said that she knew April's husband, Paul Malloy and that they were in love. She also tells April that she was pregnant when Paul died.

Ep02: The Morning After
After thinking about things for a while, April becomes angry with Miranda for showing up at her house unannounced. When she asks Miranda what she wants from her, she says she wants money.

Ep04: 'Is A Kiss Really Just A Kiss'
Miranda's "attorney" charges into April's store and informs her of Paul's paternity of Scottie. April calls Miranda and they decide to meet the next day. Miranda talks to April about her affair with Paul. Eventually, Scottie (Miranda's son) falls and injures himself. Miranda and April immediately rush to the hospital. Miranda does not have the paperwork or insurance to pay so April generously offers to take care of the paperwork. Later, Miranda is seen meeting up with the "attorney". It is shown that he is intact an actor for a theatre company, meaning Miranda played April.